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The Sticky Bombs are new explosives that are exclusive to The Ballad of Gay Tony. They are thrown, and stick to any vehicle or surface they hit. They can then be detonated by pressing Down on the d-pad or shooting them. Note that unlike the Satchel Charges of San Andreas, these bombs do not stick to people. The Sticky Bombs are seen in the Weazel News Trailer, which is used by the Terrorism Expert. When thrown the bombs emit a steady beep and a yellow light flashes. When activated the beep rises in pitch and speed, and the light turns red, then after a very short amount of time, they detonate. The blast radius is similar to a grenade.
You can place up to ten Sticky Bombs, throwing out the eleventh will cause the first one to disappear.

Many players prefer this weapons in drive-by's, due to the fact that they deal a large amount of damage, can stick to any vehicle, and can be detonated at any time (which allows them to be used somewhat like landmines). However, the player must be careful to ensure that their own car doesn't get caught in the blast radius, if used these against a vehicle in close proximity.


Players may want to know that you can make an effective car bomb by removing the bonnet of a taxi (or any other car with a long bonnet), pull over and plant some Sticky Bombs on the engine (if any fall on the road it wont work) use the Health Cheat and then the Bombs will be concealed inside the bonnet, you will be unable to see them but you can hear them (sadly) and let the fun begin.

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