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File:Stratum (GTASA) (front).jpg
A Stratum in GTA San Andreas.

The Stratum is a mid-sized 4 door station wagon that is available for the player in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV.

The Stratum has a more streamlined design than other station wagons in the games. It is one of the gang cars used by the San Fierro Triads, the other two being the Elegy and the Sultan. It also heavily increases the player’s sex appeal. After completing Stevie's text message car thefts in GTA IV, the game's Stratum may be sold in his garage for $1,800.


GTA San Andreas

The GTA San Andreas Stratum closely resembles a 1991–1993 Honda Accord wagon. Considering the performance and dual-exhaust ports, it is likely meant to be a V6, despite this option not being available on the Accord until reaching the fifth generation, beginning in the 1994 model year; and the appearance of its C-pillars and taillights are also closer to 1994–1997 Accord station wagons.


The GTA IV version of the Stratum still resembles a 1991–1993 Honda Accord station wagon but the C-pillars and rear of the car, unlike the GTA SA rendition, have no influences from a 1994–1997 Accord wagon but instead, a 1991–1993 Accord wagon for the rear but it seems more modernized and the C-pillars seem to be off another car (somewhat like a 1996-2001 Toyota Camry wagon); and the front is from a R32 Nissan Skyline. The game's Stratum may appear in two forms, the standard variant and the "Twin Turbo" variant, which features an additional spoiler over the rear windscreen and a "Twin Turbo" badge in the rear. The GTA IV rendition also features an optional sunroof or luggage rails on the roof.


GTA San Andreas

Acceleration and speed are surprisingly good, considering the Stratum’s size. The engine is most likely a powerful V6 and the drivetrain is rear-drive, making the Stratum a good selection as a drive-by vehicle. The body is, however, weakly constructed, making the car susceptible to intense damage from high-speed impacts and heavy gunfire.


The Zirconium Stratum 2.6GT is powered by what feels like a V6, or a high-torque I4,even possibly an inline-6(hence the Skyline front end), coupled to a 5 speed gearbox in a RWD configuration. Acceleration is quite frankly, dismal. The Stratum takes more time accelerating than anything else. Top speed is limited due to the weight of the vehicle, and its poor aerodynamic coefficient. Handling on the Stratum is quite good, though oversteer can be dramatic at times. The suspension is a good blend of "firm enough" while keeping bumps neutralized. Braking is acceptable, and ABS is standard on all Stratum wagons. Crash deformation is very good, with the Stratum keeping most of its shape in an accident, though build quality is less than desirable; often leaving the vehicle disabled after a few impacts.


While the GTA San Andreas rendition of the Stratum cannot be upgraded in TransFender, it can be upgraded at Wheel Arch Angels in Ocean Flats, San Fierro since it is considered a tuner.


GTA San Andreas


  • The Stratum can spawn almost everywhere, as it's a very common car in Liberty City.