Stretch Armstrong

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Stretch Armstrong
Appearances GTA III
Full Name Stretch Armstrong


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Game FM (employer)
Voiced by Himself

{{infobox character| |image = |game_1 = GTA III |name = Stretch Armstrong |aka = |status = Alive |gender = M |dob = |dob-comment = |pob = |dod = |dod-comment = |home = [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]] |nationality = United States |family = |affiliations = [[Game FM]] (employer) |vehicles = |businesses = |voice = Himself }} '''Stretch Armstrong''' is a character in the [[3D Universe]] who appears as a [[:Category:Radio DJs|radio DJ]] in [[Grand Theft Auto III]]. Stretch Armstrong voices himself. ==Character history== Stretch Armstrong is, in [[2001]], the co-host of [[Game FM]] alongside [[Lord Sear]]. {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1={{characters|state=collapsed}} {{Gtaiii characters|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Characters|Armstrong, Stretch]] [[Category:Characters in GTA III|Armstrong, Stretch]] [[Category:Characters in 3D Universe|Armstrong, Stretch]] [[Category:Radio DJs|Armstrong, Stretch]]

Stretch Armstrong is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a radio DJ in Grand Theft Auto III. Stretch Armstrong voices himself.

Character history

Stretch Armstrong is, in 2001, the co-host of Game FM alongside Lord Sear.