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The Sunshine Autos logo in GTA Vice City.

Sunshine Autos, also known as the Sun Yard and the Car Showroom, is a car showroom in Vice City. The car showroom is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and its prequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In both games, Sunshine Autos is located just south of Little Havana on a patch of relatively underdeveloped prime development land.


GTA Vice City

Exterior of the "new" Sunshine Autos in GTA Vice City.

In GTA Vice City, set in 1986, the business is based in a solitary modern two-storey showroom which more or less serves as a front for a vehicle theft ring for BJ Smith's "BJ's Used Autos" (where stolen vehicles are passed off as used cars for sale); during the player's purchase of the showroom, BJ points out Sunshine Autos was his first investment after he "turned gold" in his football career.

The showroom becomes available for purchase for $50,000 after "Shakedown", when the player unlocks the ability to purchase various businesses in the city. Once purchased, the player will not only have access to the vehicle theft sidequest at A+B Auto, but will also be allowed to participate in a set of street races, as well as utilize the showroom's four garages that are capable of storing up eight full-size road vehicles altogether (ie. the garages hold two vehicles each. The garages also have high ceilings, meaning high roofed vehicles like the Mule, Spand Express and Benson can be stored inside. However, they cannot store large or extra long vehicles like the Yankee, Packer, Coach or Bus.

The showroom also comes equipped with a Spray'n'go spray shop, the only garage of its kind, that can be accessed at any point of time in the game.

GTA Vice City Stories

The "old" Sunshine Autos in GTA Vice City Stories.

Sunshine Autos circa 1984 in GTA Vice City Stories is originally a two-building, open-air used car dealership based further north (in front of the Little Havana-Escobar International Airport shortcut, which desn't exist in 1986); during events in GTA Vice City Stories, the old showroom exists in tandem to the construction site of the "new" Sunshine Autos a short walk south, which is surrounded by a trailer park where the Trailer Park Mafia reside. It is implied that the old dealership was completely cleared away after the completion of the new showroom between the events of GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Vice City.

The dealership is primarily used by the player to purchase various vehicles, and hosts a series of Turismo races, which can be accessed from the side of the main building.

Special vehicles available

GTA Vice City

Once all the listed cars are delivered to A+B Auto's Sunshine Autos Import Garage in GTA Vice City, the Deluxo, Sabre Turbo, Sandking and Hotring Racer cars start spawning inside. Also before these cars start to spawn, a Sentinel can be found inside.

GTA Vice City Stories

In GTA Vice City Stories, several special vehicles are available for purchase after completing several missions:


  • Much like Wang Cars in GTA San Andreas, the Sunshine Autos' showroom in GTA Vice City is an ideal defensive position that allows the player to survive for extended periods of time while on high wanted levels, offering the best chance to acquire otherwise hard-to-obtain law enforcement vehicles (like the FBI Rancher or Rhino).

    The two-floor design of the showroom, coupled with poor pathfinding of NPC AI, results in hostile law enforcements NPCs being unable to reach the player if the player is holed up on the second floor; in addition, police helicopters will not pursue the player if the player hides within the confines of the showroom. The showroom's built-in spray shop also makes for escapes from the law far easier.


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