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Superstar Café

The SuperStar Café is a high-end venue restaurant in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a play on the Hard Rock Cafe. There are two locations: one in Star Junction and one in north Middle Park East at the intersection of Quartz Street and Bismarck Ave. However, only the Middle Park East location is accessible. Niko Bellic can take his friends or girlfriends to the café. Alex Chilton and Dwayne Forge seem to be particularly fond of this restaurant. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase food to replenish health. In the mission for Jeff, a Random Character, Niko photographs his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Sometimes a saxophone playing pedestrian will be in the corner by the microphone playing jazz music heard on the ingame jazz radio station.

The Superstar Café is the target area of the mission "First Impressions" in Stubbs' Dirty Laundry, which is a series of side missions in The Lost and Damned. The mission requires the player to assassinate a politician who is inside the café.

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