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The Swift in the background of a pre-release screenshot of TBOGT.

The Swift is a shuttle helicopter to be featured in Grand Theft Auto IV's second downloadable content, The Ballad of Gay Tony.


The official website of TBOGT describes the Swift as "the preferred method of transport for Liberty City high-fliers", a "turbo-shaft powered" aircraft that "shuttles its precious cargo in speed and comfort"

The design of the helicopter is seemingly a cross between the Bell 222/230/Bell 430, which borrows the bulging sides, turbo intakes and the winglets from the fictional attack helicopter Airwolf (which also a modified Bell 222 for the 1984-1987 tv show of the same name sans the supersonic, spy and weapons features), and an AgustaWestland AW109. The majority of the design is borrowed from the latter.


  • The Swift seen in the trailers has a phrase or name on its tail which says "SANTO CAPRO". The meaning of that has yet to be explained.


  • The Swift is available at the helipad near the West River during the beginning of the game to the end of the game. After the completion of the game, the Buzzard will start to spawn at the helipad.