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The swing glitch is one of the more famous, and humorous, glitches in Grand Theft Auto IV. It centers around a playground located in the Firefly Projects in southeastern Broker, or more specifically the derelict swingsets therein. There are four such swingsets in the district, but only two of them are surrounded by sufficient space to allow the player to maneuver a decent-sized vehicle into position, the most popular method of exploiting the glitch.

If the player presses up against the swings in a vehicle then it will often be flung, with little or no warning, an incredible distance through the air; it is not uncommon for flying vehicles to reach or even clear Outlook Park to the west. The end result of vehicular flight is almost always catastrophic bodywork damage, although frequently the engine is left running. This enables the player to cruise away in their ruined vehicle, provided they were not catapulted through the windshield upon launch. This often depends on the initial orientation of the car; facing the vehicle to the swing will increase the likelihood of it happening. A vehicle that is flung using the swings will often turn out severely deformed in such a manner that could not be achieved through street crashes, or crashing into solid objects. As well as flinging vehicles, the swings have been known to hurl players on foot who hang from or brush up against them. Although amusing, this is all but guaranteed to result in death.

Best vehicles

The best Vehicles are the Patriot, Taxi, and classic cars such as the Dukes, Vigero etc.

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