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[[Image:Toyz (GTA3) (front).jpg|thumb|right|250px|A Toyz van in GTA III. (<small>[[:Image:Toyz (GTA3) (rear).jpg|Rear quarter view]]</small>).]]
#REDIRECT [[Toyz]]
The '''Toyz''' (spelled "'''TOYZ'''" in GTA III) is a van in featured in [[Grand Theft Auto III]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]].
== Description ==
The Toyz is a depicted as a hobbyist van that contains [[RC Bandit|remote-controlled cars]] and explosives. The van is identical to the [[Pony]], but has flat side panels with "TOYZ'N THE'HOOD" logos (a pun of [[wp:Boyz n the Hood|Boyz N the Hood]], a 1991 film), similar to the [[Panlantic]].
When found and entered, it starts a mission where you use remote control cars in order to destroy people and property, [[Rampage|rampage]] style, and sometimes an RC checkpoint race is activated instead. You can avoid starting the RC missions by pushing the van forward about two car lengths. The van is dark blue in [[Grand Theft Auto III]], and white in [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]].
== Locations ==
'''GTA III'''
*Near [[Rothwell Station]] in [[Hepburn Heights]], [[Portland Island]]. Starts [[Diablo Destruction]].
*In an alleyway one block south of demolished building in [[Saint Mark's]], Portland Island. Starts [[Mafia Massacre]].
*Opposite [[Kenji's Casino]] in [[Torrington]], [[Staunton Island]]. Starts [[Casino Calamity]].
*North of [[Shoreside Vale Safehouse (GTA III)|hideout]] in [[Wichita Gardens]], [[Shoreside Vale]]. Starts [[Rumpo Rampage]].
'''GTA Liberty City Stories'''
*At the construction site in Hepburn Heights, Portland Island. Starts [[Thrashin' RC]].
*Two blocks south of [[Punk Noodles]] in [[Chinatown, Liberty City|Chinatown]], Portland Island. Starts [[RC Triad Take-Down]].
*Near the boat house in [[Belleville Park]], Staunton Island. Starts [[Ragin' RC]].
*South of the terminal inside [[Francis International Airport]], Shoreside Vale. Starts [[Chasin' RC]].
== See also ==
* [[Love Wagon]], GTA1 equivalent.
* [[Top Fun]], GTA Vice City equivalent.
* [[Berkley's RC Van]], GTA San Andreas equivalent.
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