TV Shows in The Lost and Damned

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In The Lost and Damned, there is only one available TV and it's inside The Lost MC Clubhouse. After completion of the main story, however, the TV becomes unavailable, as the clubhouse is unaccessible.

There is a glitch that allows you to watch the TV even after the end of the game. Take a helicopter and land on the roof of The Lost MC Clubhouse. Walk around to where the TV would be inside just under the roof, and you will be prompted to watch the TV. If you do this there is only 2 ways to get outside of the clubhouse: kill yourself, or reload an old save file.

Thankfully, if you missed any of the TV shows or music on The Lost and Damned, you have the option to load up Niko's story and listen/view them there. These are the only features that carry over if you downloaded the DLC online.

List of new TV shows in The Lost and Damned


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