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[email protected]
File:[email protected]
The interior of [email protected]'s Broker branch in GTA IV, where Alejandra works. All three [email protected] branches in the game use the exact interior.
Locations Torrington (III, LCS), Outlook (IV), North Holland (IV), Berchem (IV).
Menu n/a
Price range $1 per session (IV)

[email protected] (pronounced twat) is an internet café that appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and is interactive in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes. The "TW", in "[email protected]", stands for "Totally Wireless", as can be seen outside some [email protected] Internet Cafés. This phrase is a take on "Totally where it's at."

"[email protected]" is a reference to twat, which is a British slang term meaning "idiot". It is also a slang term for "vagina".


In GTA III, the [email protected] café (in Torrington) is accessible, but not interactive. Two monitors inside the café show screenshots from Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto 2, respectively. A stunt jump can be completed inside the café through the staircase.

In GTA Liberty City Stories, due to the earlier setting than GTA III, the [email protected] café is only just being constructed. Its posters state - "Come and see the grand opening of [email protected]".

In the GTA IV Era, the [email protected] Internet Cafés can be used to browse the in-game websites. They are accessible from the start of the game. The internet is introduced to the player in the mission Logging On where the player has to set up an Eyefind e-mail account. It costs $1 to use the computer. The stores can be robbed by simply opening the cash register and taking from $10 to $170, but doing so will usually result in a one star wanted level. But this can be avoided, if the player crouches behind the counter of the Snack Shop, out of sight and then opens the cash register, no one will notice and will act as if nothing has happened.


Location Game(s) Image
Border between
Belleville Park and
Bedford Point,
Staunton Island,
Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto III,
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
File:[email protected]

Onieda Ave,

Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto IV File:[email protected]

Frankfort Ave,

North Holland,
Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto IV File:[email protected]

Vitullo Ave,


Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto IV File:[email protected]

Easter eggs

  • The GTA III rendition of [email protected] features two computer monitors, beside the staircase to the second floor, depicting screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto 2.
  • At all [email protected] internet cafes in GTA IV, the photocopier behind the cashier's desk is a Kakagawa Power Ultra 3000 Pro. The screen of the photocopier also has an easter egg as the screen reads: ERROR Unleash ninja guru lol.


  • In Saints Row , there is a moving company called "[email protected]", also spelt with the "@" symbol.
  • Because the [email protected] in GTA III has no actual entrance, the player has to smash one of its windows in order to get in.
  • [email protected] in the GTA III rendition is filled with random pedestrians that will walk around aimlessly, bumping into the windows trying to get out.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony, the computers have a new wallpaper: a dark background with a silhouette of the Liberty City skyline and the phrase "I [heart] LC". This may be a reference to the first mission of TBoGT: I Luv LC.

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