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I think R* is WAAY too obsessed with the "69" thing. What's wrong with other numbers (e.g. 66, 96, 38, 57, 48)? I think they're having a 69 inducing eagerness, plus I think they are saying "Oohhh let's put 69! in there! Wee lovvess 69!!" 69 this, 69 that. Either R* has gotten insane about the "#69" or maybe its because they think 69 is their favorite number. Captain Seven-Twenty 21:16, 9 September 2008 (UTC)

A "69" is a very crude sexual position as I'm sure you know. It's just one of the many sexual innuendos in the game, I think they just like to stress the fact that they are pushing the game to its limits in terms of being rebellious.