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I agree with most of the chart in the article about the GTA IV versions of Albany Cars. I have two disputes


Cavalcade(FXT) Cadillac Escalade 2002-2007 because I saw one lots of times.

Esperanto Cadillac Seville 1975-1979 because I had a look on wikipedia.

Manana Cadillac eldorado 1967-1970 because I saw one on A Bronx Tale and I saw it resembled a manana hugely.

Presidente Cadillac CTS 2003-2007 because it resembles a CTS quite a lot.

Primo Cadillac Seville 1986-1992 I used Snap on my windows 7 and the resemblence is close.

Emperor Cadillac Deville 1977-1984 I have used Snap again and the headlights and bodywork match.


The WASHINGTON does resemble the Licoln Town Car a bit because of the back but it that was the case the Washington would be a Dundreary because they are based on Lincoln,Mercury and other ford platform vehicles and they already have an admiral. So therefore I believe it to be based on the 9th generation Cadillac Deville 1994-1999. I have some evidence the headlights lights on the Deville have a resemblence to the washingtons. Here I know what your comment will be replier to my comment "The C pillar is too steep while the washington's is smooth." I have noticed that and that's besides the point. I also have an image of the back of the 9th generation Deville Here I know the photo is grainy but it was difficult to find one. ok I know that the washingtons taillights are slightly wider but you've got to admit they do look pretty similar.

BUCCANEER: I disagree that this car is based on a monte carlo because if that was the case the Buccaneer would be a Declasse but like the washington it is made by Albany so it must bare a resemblence to Cadillac Models rather than Chevrolets. I therefore believe the Buccaneer to resemble a 6th generation Cadillac Eldorado 1979-1985. I have a picture of the front as my first piece of evidence Here I know that the Headlights are square but I'm trying to prove all Albany's are Cadillacs or have some design influence of them. for my final piece of evidence I have a picture of the back. Here I know the Buccaneer's tailights are slightly wider like the washington but they do look close. I hope my case to prove that all albany's are Cadillacs has gone well please reply as soon as possible so I can see how my case has gone.Andrew nicholson 22:36, July 20, 2010 (UTC)