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As I've said in the cleanup template, this article is really short, doesn't really contain much useful information, and I seriously doubt that people will be looking for this. However, I have a few suggestions for things that could also be added to make the article longer. You could maybe mention that, until GTA Vice City, the only animals that were in the games were birds - if I'm remembering correctly, this dates back to GTA London, where there were pigeons (or possibly seagulls) that were pretty much just static props (they "acted" the same as the traffic cone from GTA 1 when run over with a vehicle), however, I'd need someone to confirm that, as I haven't played GTA London since 1999. Seagulls then reappeared in GTA III, but were merely a minor visual aspect, until GTA Vice city, where they could be "sniped". GTA San Andreas featured other birds alongside seagulls; eagles (in the desert) and dove-like white birds, I'm fairly sure there's another bird that does a "loop" a couple of times in the air before disappearing. Then, of course, there's the "Flying Rats" in GTA IV. I suppose you could also mention that animals were - apparently - planned to appear in the woodland areas of San Andreas, but were taken out later in the game's development. Lastly, some pictures may help as well.

All that said, though, I'm still unsure about the necessity of this article... - Hardrock182 13:03, October 6, 2009 (UTC)