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The Cartel Cuiser is NOT a Chevrolet Avalanche because that was made in 2002 one year after GTA III was released and 3 Years after the events of GTA LCS so this is unlikely to be the basis for this truck. It says in the article that the car may be based on a 90's generic ford truck so I am trying to find out which one so I have made a list of ford trucks and I will try to find the right one. Ford Ranger 1998-2001 No because theres no 4door option available.

Ford F-Series 1997-2004 Shape is similar and a 4 door version called the F250 so it's a possibility.

Ford Super Duty 1999-present No because it's too large and out of Canon with Gta events.

The headlights appear to be based on a Facelifted Range Rover P38here But the overall shape is based on a Ford F250 Crew Cab 1997-2004 Here It's missing bull bars but it does look similar. any comments.