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"and chronologically the last mission to take place during the Grand Theft Auto IV story, even though this mission takes place after Dimitri Rascalov has been killed by Niko Bellic"

I'm not sure...

Same here I'm skeptical on this

oh yeah cause the guy says "Now Rascalov is dead" meaning Dimitri is dead by this time of course anyone who has played through BOTH endings to gta 4 would know that Dimitri dies either way so it doesnt really prove anything only that Gta 4 is pretty much over by the time you reach this mission.

umm the article says if Niko choose revenge it would take place after "A Dish Served Cold" but i remember hearing no matter what ending took place "Departure Time" is the final thing to happen in all three i think it should say that instead


>>3 main heroin vans>>

Sorry, Luiz mustn't destroy any van, the heroin is in little sculptures which have to be destroyed...

I fixed it, I think they are bins though. Chimpso (Talk) 13:10, July 15, 2010 (UTC)
bins that look like ducks