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is dimitri not the best gta villian? i think so better than previous villians. -Gtafan310

Well, let's grade them-I think, Officer Frank Tenpenny is best. He got many soldiers with corrupt(or medium) officers, gangsters(Ballas. Los Santos Vagos), etc. And he masterminding some gang wars and Los Santos Riot. Dimitri Rascalov was just master of betrayal(The Master and the Molotov, Russian Revolution), but he got business talent, I think. In conclusion, Tenpenny is best antagonist in GTA III era, Dimitri in GTA IV era. Mr.Korean 15:36, July 2, 2010 (UTC)
yeah dimitri was better than billy and bulgarin...pegorino cant hold a finger to dimitri but i think your right best antagonist goes to tenpenny simply because he's the only cop antagonist which has lots of style in my opinion.