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Does anyone know if the golden uzi is superior to the assault smg? And if it is why other than the fact that it is golden?

The GSMG is one darn powerful gun for a SMG,but its hindered by its low accuracy and firing speed.The fancy gold plating is just for the looks,and doesnt have nothing to do with the weapon.The GSMG-ASMG comparison is similar to the AK47-M4 comparison,power VS practicality.And TBH,the GSMG looks like cheese to me,no jokes here.--Oreo Biskuit!!Eleven 17:29, January 8, 2010 (UTC)

lol it does look like cheese but i just dont get how the gold smg is more powerful because its golden, sorry for being a bit of a killjoy.

Well the regular SMG and the GSMG, despite being very similar, are actually two different kinds of guns. The other SMG you see in the game is just an Uzi, where as this gun is an IMI submachine gun which is much bigger. The last GTA game to feature this gun was Vice City

Actually,the other SMG is a Micro Uzi,while the GSMG is a normal Uzi

Dude, its an IMI submachine gun. On the Uzi page on wikipedia, it shows a picture of this exact gun and it says what kind of gun it is. Check the trivia section I added