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Rastafarian/Jamaican Huntley Sport

Citing the page (as of 2009-09-10): Huntley Sports with a yellow, black and green paint job, custom grille with removed badging and side-mounted exhaust pipes are driven by the Jamaican Posse […]. These can be found around Beechwood City, Schottler and Willis, and one is given as a gift in the last of Little Jacob's drug delivery missions. My question is, are they both the exact same vehicle? So far I noticed that after “unlocking” the car by doing the last Little Jacob’s drug delivery mission, the car can be found normally driven in street, but - did anyone made sure that those both vehicles are exact same? I just want to be sure (and have no way to check that at the moment) :).

Oh – and if I’m right (I’m just about ~70% sure ^^) it’s also worth mentioning that the “Rastafarian” version have to be “unlocked” first by doing above mentioned drug delivery in order for it to appear on streets. —Faalagorn/ 15:50, September 10, 2009 (UTC).

Nope. The "Rastafarian" Huntley Sport can be found at any time. And yes, these two Huntleys are exact same.--Loadingue 17:07, September 10, 2009 (UTC)

I think the huntley sport is a fantastic car I've driven it many times on GTA IV it's actually my favourite GTA car it's brilliant in a car chase with the police.

Yeah, that's true :). I also like the car despite the fact I don't like SUVs in general - and the rare Rasta and Brucie's gold variations are just great ^^. Also, don't forget to sign with four tildes (~~~~) while posting a comment on a talk page, Andrew :) —Faalagorn/ 03:55, September 22, 2009 (UTC).