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Isn't Phil Bell merely an associate of the Alderney Mob? PBello 22:22, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

Phil Bell - Associate

Yes, officially. Jimmy Pegorino even says the reason why is because of his Irish ancestry, I can't remember the exact quote, so I'm paraphrasing "It'd look bad to the other families if we had St. Patrick that high up on the ladder." What this means, officially, is Phil can never become a "Made Man" within the American Mafia, regardless of how sucessful his criminal activity is within Jimmy's crew. You could even consider Niko an associate, since he was a part of Pegorino's "war council." Ray Boccino even affirms this by reminding Phil, as a threat, "You're just an associate." What he means by this, is he has no official rank in the family and Ray could issue a hit on him at any given time. However, an interesting thing about Ray is he's extremely loyal to the Pegorino family, and he gets upset any time a member is killed, so it's unlikely he'd follow through on his threat. Make no mistake, that the Pegorinos aren't even a Mafia family, to quote The Sopranos, "They're a glorified crew." D16x 01:21, July 2, 2010 (UTC)