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Design In GTA IV

Just to clear up that the Sabre isn't based on a Cutlass, if you look at the side profile, you can see the lines on the sides look those of an 80s Monte Carlo SS (the back of the greenhouse leans forward much more though and the lines mimic the ones on the Sabre GT more) while the Cutlass has more formal lines. The rear is closer to the Monte Carlo in general design and also with the little spoiler. I see what Crwpitman said about the taillights being like a Buick Century but I think that is a coincidence (especially since the ones on the Sabre are taller (kinda like the Monte Carlo), it's like saying the taillights from the FIB Buffalo are from an Opel Vectra, sure they look similar but, not enough (does that make any sense?). It's just a result of a improvised design. And the Sabre being manufactured by Declasse even further suggests it is a Monte Carlo.