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Tips on obtaining money from a Securicar in GTA IV

The quickest way to obtain money from a Securicar is to detonate a hand grenade under it. Once it blows, there will be bundles of bills around the burning wreckage. However, grenades are expensive to buy and acquiring them by fighting a gang is risky.

Fortunately, a Securicar can be detonated by crashing it around until it catches fire. This method is time-consuming and has its own risks, but it is fun!

A Securicar is massive enough to knock most other vehicles around easily; however, its slow acceleration and clumsy handling makes any police pursuit an exercise in tension. The player who loses his wanted level while driving a Securicar is likely to feel that he has made a difficult accomplishment. This vehicle is also vulnerable to tip-over, in which case the player may have to expend lots of ammunition (as from an assault rifle) to do further significant damage.

On account of the camera angle, a player may not become aware that his damaged Securicar has caught fire until it blows up, leaving his character with less, not more, money than before. A damaged Securicar should be monitored from different angles as much as possible so that its smoke or fire output can be seen (it can start smoking with relatively little external damage). Once flames are visible, your character should leave the vehicle quickly. Occasionally, the flames will disappear just before the Securicar blows up.

Your character should scoop the money as quickly as possible after the blast, while avoiding the flames! Watch for other vehicles which may strike a burning Securicar and blow up themselves (that's why a Securicar which is about to hatch should be parked off-road if possible). Once the Securicar burns itself out, any uncollected money will disappear. Angilbas 03:25, 3 July 2008 (UTC)