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I disagree with the speedy deletion : each gang deserve its own page.

South Bohan Drug Crew? there is no such gang elizabeta torres is a drug dealer not a gang leader were is the proof of this gangs presence in the game? i havent seen them and elizabeta doesnt appear to be a gang leader and they are never mentioned (according to the LCPD database) she has links to the Irish Mob and the Jamaicans but she is not a gang leader herself just a drug dealer it is never said anything about a south bohan drug crew completly made up. It's amazing how made up this is there is NO soth bohan drug crew someone just made this up and for it to be on gta wiki just makes me angry just the fact that it's on here the so called "relible source" comeplete BS

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the Spanish Lords are the South Bohan Drug Crew? They have territory in South Bohan, both in Chinatown Wars and the two Episodes of GTA IV, as well as the main storyline.D16x 06:13, July 6, 2010 (UTC
there are spanish lords but elizabeta isnt involved with them and cant we just call them that we already have the spanish lords and for someone to write an artical about a gang that doesnt even excist makes this wiki a bit unrealible dont you think?
You are correct Gtafan310, The South Bohan Drug Crew is a made up gang! During the mission Snow Storm, Spanish Lords are doing a coke deal with Angels of Death, with Elizabeta's coke(through Little Jacob's introduction). Someone just decided that member's of the Spanish Lords are a separate gang called South Bohan Drug Crew, when they're not. Keep in mind that Spanish Lords come from variousLatin/Hispanic backgrounds.D16x 23:34, July 13, 2010 (UTC)