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You should be able to see that I have started a table for all the vehicles in San Andreas. There are a few things I'd like to talk over before we go any further.

Firstly, should we have separate tables (or parts of the table) for different types of vehicles, such as sports cars and industrial vehicles? It is a good way of making things easy to find. But if we do, the page will still be quite cluttered (compared to the simple list we had before).

Secondly, do we need a description field for every vehicle? I was thinking of a single sentence such as "The fastest sports car in the game, available when you get all-gold at Driving School". If we do not separate into types then we definitely need descriptions. Also bear in mind that

Thirdly, do we even need a table? We could just have a few lists for each type of vehicle - this is the simplest and tydiest suggestion, but means we can't have any thumbnails or description. But then again, do we even need those? This is meant to be a list of vehicles. But on the other hand, if all we want is an alphabetical list, that's what a Category is for.

So we have four main choices: 1) Lists sorted into types, 2) Tables in types, 3) Tables in types with descriptions, 3) Single table with descriptions

Any input you guys could give me would be appreciated - Xenon (?) 21:41, 7 May 2007 (BST)