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In the game both assault rifles AK and HK416 use the same cartridge. HK must definitely be 5.56x45 but still AK looks like AK-47 with is indeed 7.62x39. There are only some rare versions of the 47 model in 5.56. AK-101 however uses 5.56x45 but does not have wooden handle and grip. AK-74 looks like the 47 model but uses 5.45x39.

Should the caliber descriptions be changed?

That's certainly a valid point if both weapons use the same ammunition in-game, but are rated for different calibers. I would suggest simply making a note in both descriptions that they use the same ammunition, despite the barrels being of a different radius. I think it's best to leave the caliber descriptions as they are (assuming they are correct), as there are many people (you included) that seem to know their weapons very well, and would certainly notice such a discrpenacy. Thoughts? EganioTalk 23:02, 9 July 2008 (UTC)

Weapons, Carbine & RPG

I've noticed that everyone refers to the carbine in GTA:IV as an "HK416". We know that the in-game AK and 416 share the same ammo, whereas the real-world weapons do not. I personally have had the opportunity to hold and use and become quite familiar with a 416.. oooh it's sexy, Heckler & Koch make purdy guns.. and one distinguishing characteristc is the lower reciever. On the lower, the "SAFE" "SEMI" and "AUTO" selections are small pictures, white for safe and red for semi/auto. This is typical for all HK weapons. I haven't yet seen a screenshot of the weapon that is close enough to make that out. HK DOES produce a conversion that consists of only the upper reciever, which would eliminate the possibility of clarification that way. And if that's the case, then why not just call it an M4? Maybe the arms dealers in-game got ahold of those conversions hehe. Aside from that, the 416s are REALLY hard to come by unless you are in the Military/LE circle because HK isn't producing them in massive quantities, and are also pretty tight about who they sell them to. I doubt that the dudes in the arms shacks in Liberty could get ahold of them so easy.

About the caliber discrepancy, HK also makes the 417, which is essentialy the same as the 416 only using a 7.62mm round. The differences between the two models is obvious however, the 417 has a larger magazine/magazine well in order to accomodate the larger round (duh). From everything I have seen while playing, the weapon pictured in-game is 5.56mm. Obviously, this rules out the 417. Rockstar probably just made the calibers the same for simplicities' sake.

About the RPG, I noticed gripes about the ammo capacity of the weapon. The rockets used with the actual weapon are over a foot long when including the portion inserted into the weapon. Seeing Niko carry 8 of them without a vest or ruck is odd enough. Sorry, seeing him carry 20-30, even more would just be retarded. The fact that he can carry thousands of rounds for a pistol, carbine, and subgun all in the tidyness of a leather jacket is awesome; enough to make Houdini cry, I don't really care about that though. If I wanted something that was so realistic, I'd go play COD4. I got GTA:IV because it's GTA.

I also gotta say it kindof blows that the supressed pistol isn't included in this rendition of GTA. It was my fav weapon in GTA:SA, and it would be awesome in assasination missions for Niko to roll up in a SuperGT, get out wearing the Hitman suit (you know the black one w/red tie from Perseus). *THAPP!* *THAPP!* get back in the car, call up Fixer and drive off.

Solopach 07:52, 26 July 2008 (UTC)