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The Tampa parked in Los Santos
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Tampa featured in the Lost and Damned in the opening cutscene.
File:Tampa Gtaiv.png
The Tampa in the BradyGames Guide

The Tampa is an old two-door compact that is available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is one of the gang cars used by the Da Nang Boys, a gang based in San Fierro, together with the Buccaneer and the Manana. It can be found parked at the used car lot in Jefferson, Los Santos, and also can be found driving in the Easter Basin and Garver Bridge region in San Fierro. It has no rims, and multiple paint colors on different panels of the car, indicating it was put together with spare parts from a junkyard. Even though the car can be upgraded to an excellent state at a mod shop, it will always have crooked license plates. It resembles a 1965-1969 Chevy Corvair except it isn't rear-engined and it has a grille.

The Lost and Damned

In The Lost and Damned, the Tampa appears in the opening cutscene in front of the Pay N' Spray. However, there has been speculation by fans that the vehicle is available to drive outside of the cutscene. These claims have been backed up by lines in the game code which specify the handling and animations of the car.[1] The vehicle is featured in the BradyGames Strategy Guide for The Lost and Damned. Many people on GTA forums have been speculating the possibility of the tampa within the game, it is rumoured that the car is in the game as it is in the games files.


  • In the mission "Nines and AKs", the player goes to do some target practice, and has to eventually shoot at a Tampa's gas tank using a pistol, making it explode, and passing the mission.