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This documentation is imported from Template:Gameselect/doc

This template is used for generating 'Games' or 'Appearances' lists, usually for infoboxes.

Input game names or IDs (in any format), and it will output a list of links to those games (in short form, but linking to long form) on new lines.

For example, specifying {{gameselect | 3}} will output GTA III - where the link goes to Grand Theft Auto III.

Note the order of the output will be the order of the input - it won't reorder them into chronological/numerical order. There is currently a maximum of 20 games in this template.


The code:

{{gameselect | VC | San andreas | gta4 | ballad}}

Will produce:
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
The Ballad of Gay Tony


For an infobox, you probably already have the inputs {{{game}}} (or {{{game1}}}), {{{game2}}}, {{{game3}}} etc. To apply this template, just use the following code: