Ten Green Bottles

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Ten Green Bottles is a bar along Grove Street in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas, and can be entered by protagonist Carl Johnson. It is the best place to take Denise Robinson out for a date. Although drinks can not be bought inside the bar, a Sprunk vending machine is located outside.

Inside there is a pool table, where Carl can challenge a pool player, who is standing next to the table. Also there are two arcade game machines: Go Go Space Monkey and Duality. A Cerberus guard from the Manhunt series can be seen on the wall of the bar. The bar is also littered with garbage such as paper, and discarded cigarette boxes. The interior is shared by Misty's and The Craw Bar.


  • The bar's name is a homage to Rockstar North's past as DMA Designs, as "Ten Green Bottles" is also the name of one of the songs featured in Lemmings, one of their very first games.