The Exchange (GTA III)

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The Exchange
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Catalina
Start location: Cedar Grove
Reward: $500,000

The Exchange is the last mission of Grand Theft Auto III. It is given by Catalina requesting Claude to come with 500,000$ to rescue Maria.


The mission starts with Claude losing his guns and getting into Cedar Grove as requested by Catalina in order to "get his precious Maria, back." Catalina succeeds to escape and lure Claude once again while he kills the Columbian Cartel member at gunpoint and taking his pistol. Once he gets out a chopper is seen flying to where Catalina has escaped in which Claude follows and accesses to find her and Maria. While making his way to the spot killing Cartel members Catalina escapes to a helicopter which would be shot down by Claude with a rocket launcher while he rescues Maria. After finishing the mission there's a final cutscene during the credits where Maria is shook up and mumbling in which a gunshot is heard where she'll be quiet and mission passed. Many fans debate whether Claude killed Maria or it was just to scare her quiet.