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The following article is a walkthrough of the mission The Fastest Boat for Vice City drug baron Ricardo Diaz in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Gunning down the Costa Rican guards.
Gunning down more Costa Ricans.
Driving the Squalo back to Diaz's Mansion.
Docking the Squalo at Diaz's Mansion.

Meet up with Diaz. He is at the back of his mansion attempting to kill the pigeons surrounding his mansion with a shotgun. Diaz asks you who owns the fastest boat on the east coast and, after you are unable to answer, Diaz says that he does and he wants that to remain so. Diaz, however, tells you that every drug dealer between Vice City to Caracas, Venezuela wants the fastest boat in the city and that a new one is at the Boatyard in Viceport that is being built for a Costa Rican gang. He wants you to steal it for your next job, and for his own purposes.

After the cutscene with Diaz finishes, you will be given this instruction:

Go to the boatyard at the docks and steal the fastest boat.

Get into a vehicle and drive to Viceport. Walk to the yellow truck area in front of the boatyard, arm yourself with a Sniper Rifle or Combat Sniper rifle and snipe out the guards guarding the boatyard. Once there are no more guards to snipe, arm yourself with an assault rifle or submachine gun and kill every remaining guard in the boatyard. You will then be given the following instruction:

Find the switch to lower the boat.

The switch is to your left hand side inside the hangar, at some control board. Wlak into the pink halo. You will see a cutscene which shows Tommy activating the switch and the Squalo dropping into the water. You will then be told to enter the boat:

Get into the boat

The Costa Ricans are angry with you for killing their men and attempting to steal their boat. A large wave of them will now come at you and try to kill you. Arm yourself with an assault rifle or submachine gun and mow them down. Once you have done so, get into the Squalo. You will then be given your final instruction:

Get the boat to the mansion.

However, due to your mass slaughter of Costa Ricans and for stealing their boat, you will recieve an instant three-star wanted level once you enter the boat. You will now be chased by Predators and a Police Maverick but don't worry, you're in the fastest boat in Vice City! You can outrun them! Drive the boat to the dock at thye back of Diaz's mansion to complete the mission.

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