The Fuzz Ball

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The Fuzz Ball is the sixth mission of Grand Theft Auto III and is given to Claude by Luigi Goterelli. The mission follows on from Pump-Action Pimp. The mission serves as a finale to Luigi's missions, and features Claude and Luigi Goterelli.


The mission begins with Claude going to Luigi's Sex Club 7 looking for more work from Luigi. Luigi informs Claude that a police ball is taking place in Chinatown and tells Claude to get a minimum of four prostitutes to the ball before the officers spend all their money. The maximum number of prostitutes is eight.

The player gets control of Claude outside of Luigi's, and after entering a vehicle (a four-doored car or coach are most useful) begins to drive around. He picks up multiple numbers of prostitutes before dropping them off at the venue.

The prostitutes are located at:

  • Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard
  • Saint Mark's (two)
  • Hepburn Heights
  • Chinatown (two)
  • Red Light District
  • Portland Harbor


Luigi Goterelli: The policeman's ball will be held by the old school hall near than Callahan Bridge, and they'll be looking for some 'old school' action. Now I got girls all over town walking the streets. Get'em to the ball they'll make a bundle. Get as many of them as you can before the cops drink away their green.


The reward for completing The Fuzz Ball mission is $2,000 for delivering the required amount of prostitutes ($500 for each additional prostitute and a maximum of $4,000).

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