The Getaway

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The Getaway
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Joey Leone
Start location: Trenton
Reward: $30 000

The Getaway is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III and is given to Claude by Joey Leone. The mission becomes available after the completion of Dead Skunk In The Trunk.


Joey offers Claude one last job - to assist a few friends of his in a bank robbery. Claude's role in this robbery is to be the getaway driver, as opposed to the stick-up man he was before.

After hijacking a large vehicle, Claude sets off to find Joey's friends. They climb into the vehicle and Claude drives over to the bank. Within seconds of their entrance, however, the alarm is pulled and the men have no choice but to leave before they can grab more money.

Claude speeds away with the cops in tow and managed to make it to the Pay'N'Spray in The Red Light District. The men then decide to go back to their hideout and give Claude his cut of the money, thus ending the mission.


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