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Sweet Johnson: So this is it - this is when we show the Ballas what bangin' is all about. Grove Street is king! Say it with me niggaz, Grove Street is KING! Yeah! HOMIES GROVE STREET IS KING!

(Carl enters.)

Sweet Johnson: Whassup, CJ. Where you been?

Carl Johnson: Hey sorry, bro, I got caught up.

Sweet Johnson: Yeah, you probably was hittin' one o' them Ballas rats. Yeah I know what you was up to, nigga!

(To the four homies)

Sweet Johnson: Listen up - y'all down with CJ, right? He's been through a lot, I mean we all been through a lot. But CJ's helping us clean up the 'hood. He's taken the fight to the enemy

Carl Johnson: Yeah.

Sweet Johnson: Showing all of us how we used to bang, what it used to mean to be a Grove Street Family. CJ, you're my brother, my running dog. I should have never doubted you.

Carl Johnson: It's nothing.

Sweet Johnson: But you're home now, partner - home.

Carl Johnson: For sure.

Sweet Johnson: Listen up! I want all y'all to go get heated, and meet me Downtown under the Mulholland Intersection. We're gonna roll on these Balla mother-fuckers!

Homie 1: A'ight, a'ight!

Sweet Johnson: I'll see y'all in traffic.

Homie 2: Yeah, let's roll!

(Throughout Sweet's speech the homies were constantly agreeing.)

Sweet Johnson: (to CJ) You in?

Carl Johnson: Hell yeah, I'm in, I'm your running dog, Sweet.

Sweet Johnson: Yeah, my nigga... Alright, you go get heated up, and I'll meet you at the crossroads.

(Carl and Cesar are in a car down an alleyway.)

Carl Johnson: So you dragged me way across town to see... what?

Cesar Vialpando: Just in time, ese, take a good hard look over there.

Carl Johnson: So, some Ballas hanging around a dope spot, so what?

Cesar Vialpando: Just watch, homie.

(Ryder and Big Smoke come out of the door that the Ballas have just walked out of.)

Carl Johnson: What the fuck? Oh, no! Shit, Smoke, what you into?

Cesar Vialpando: Ssshhh, ese, look at that ride...

(Big Smoke and Ryder pull open a garage door, Tenpenny is inside the garage along with a green Sabre.)

Carl Johnson: That's the mother-fucking green Sabre! Shit, Smoke... C.R.A.S.H. makin' you sell us out! Moms!

Cesar Vialpando: Sorry ese, I heard a rumour and poked around. I didn't believe it myself but...

Carl Johnson: No, no, you did the right thing. I owe you, Ces. I gotta go tell Sweet about - Oh, fuck! Sweet! Look, go get Kendl and take her to a safe place!

Cesar Vialpando: What you thinking?

Carl Johnson: It's Sweet, I think him and the homies is walking into a trap! Just go, GO!

(Carl arrives under the intersection)

Carl Johnson: Eh, Sweet man, you alright? You been hit!

Sweet Johnson: CJ... Where you been?

Carl Johnson: Cesar called, showed me some shit. It's Smoke, and he in deep with Tenpenny and some Ballas! He sold us out!

Sweet Johnson: It doesn't matter, man - you gotta get out of here. The cops gonna arrive any second.

Carl Johnson: Nah man, I ain't runnin' out on my brother! Yo', Ballas! I'm taking you mother-fuckers, you hear me? I'M TAKING YOU ALL DOWN!

(Police close in on the battle. Carl holds his hands up in the air whilst Sweet is clutching his stomach on the floor. The screen cuts to Carl Johnson, Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski in a police car in the middle-of-nowhere. Carl Johnson has a bag over his head. Jimmy Hernandez is outside the car having a piss.)

Frank Tenpenny: You got a bag over you head, boy. How you feel about that?

Carl Johnson: Man, take it off. Please, man, I can't breathe! Please!

Frank Tenpenny: Oh, alright. But only because you said please.

(Tenpenny takes the bag off CJ's head.)

Carl Johnson: You fucking sick mother-fucker!

Frank Tenpenny: Intimidate those who intimidate others, Carl. It's my job. Right, Ed?

Carl Johnson: Hey, man, where we at?

Frank Tenpenny: The middle-of-fucking-nowhere. Nice, clean air.

Carl Johnson: Fucking Smoke! Oh, Sweet!

Frank Tenpenny: Sweet is alive. Alive and inside. He's in a prison hospital being treated for gunshot wounds, awaiting trial.

Eddie Pulaski: Yeah, somehow, nobody's caught you yet.

Frank Tenpenny: Oh yeah, you should be glad, Carl. Your moron brother's alive. Your street trash, soon to be turned out sister's alive. And, she's only sucking one grease-ball's dick. Things are going pretty well for you, Carl. So behave, nigga.

Eddie Pulaski: We want you to do a little favour for us, Carl.

Carl Johnson: I can't believe that nigga Smoke turned on me.

Eddie Pulaski: Smoke? Smoke does exactly what he's told. He learned that lesson a long time ago.

Frank Tenpenny: Homies for life? Street loyalty? That's all bullshit, Carl. Didn't you learn that when they ran you out of town, just 'cause you let Brian die? Huh? Eddie, I can't deal with this guy. He's an idiot!

Eddie Pulaski: Let me air this fucker out, I...

Frank Tenpenny: No no no no no no no, Officer... For once, let's let the kid do something good with his useless life. He's gonna help us with the fight against crime. Right, Carl?

Eddie Pulaski: Yeah. By any means necessary.

Frank Tenpenny: Now you stay the fuck away from Smoke, and stay the fuck away from us. Otherwise Sweet is going to find himself on a Ballas block getting in touch with his feminine side. Hey Hernandez, you going to piss all day?

Carl Johnson: (to Pulaski) Get your hands off me, man.

Eddie Pulaski: For some reason, we've got a little problem with a former friend of ours, he seems to disagree with some of our methods. CJ: Now who could do that?

Frank Tenpenny: Yeah, you'll never find anybody as fork-tongued as this snake ass bastard. Soon as he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he'll whistle any tune Internal Affairs want him to.

Eddie Pulaski: See, they've got him hiding up Mount Chiliad someplace, so they can manipulate his testimony any way they want to.

Frank Tenpenny: I want you to pay him a little visit, Carl. And destroy all his evidence before he testifies.

Eddie Pulaski: Sort this out, Carl, so Officer Tenpenny can sleep easy at night. We want evidence he ain't gonna talk.