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Jeweler's in GTA Vice City.

The Jeweler's Jewellery Store is a small jewellery store in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is located in the southern part of Vice Point, Vice City, right next to the house of the Sharks Gang Leader and a Well Stacked Pizza Company store. Multiple newspaper boxes are located in froint of the store. A hidden package can be found inside the store, behind the service counter, next to the clerk. It plays a minor role in two missions (both payphone missions): Autocide and Waste the Wife.

Role in Missions

In the payphone mission Autocide, which is done for Mr. Black, Tommy Vercetti is ordered to kill every single member of a 6 man European Gang in 9 in game hours (9 real world minutes). Two of the gangsters, Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter (both parodies and mockery of Mark Hammond and Frank Carter in The Getaway GTA Clone series), are located in front of the jewellery store.

In another payphone mission Waste the Wife, Tommy Vercetti is ordered by Mr. Black to kill Mrs. Dawson, who was inside the jewellery store (possibly to buy jewellery) prior to be killed by Tommy. The Jeweler's jewellery store is one of the fifteen stores which can be robbed by the player, with the risk of obtaining an immediate wanted level which can go as high as 4 stars. Robbing the store is needed for 100% completion of GTA Vice City.


  • Mrs. Dawson was a well known customer, and this was the last place where she had shopped before she was killed by Tommy Vercetti.
  • Both of the missions that involved The Jeweler's Jellery Store were all Payphone missions.
  • Every person who had stood in front of the Jeweler's Jewellery Store during missions that involved the store have all ended up being killed by Tommy Vercetti.