The Lost Brotherhood

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Picture of the lost hideout on Berners Road
The Lost Brotherhood
The Lost Brotherhood badge
Games: GTA IV
Locations: Berchem, Alderney, Liberty City
Leaders: Billy Grey and Johnny Klebitz
Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Enemies: The Angels of Death; Russian Mafia; Pegorino Family
Colors: Red and Black
Vehicles: Zombie
Weapons: Pistol; Uzi
Fronts: Clubhouse and bar in Acter
Members: Jason Michaels; Jim Fitzgerald; Clay; Brian Jeremy; Terry Thorpe; Leila Sharpe; Ashley Butler

The Lost Brotherhood, also called The Lost Biker Gang or simply The Lost, is a biker gang operating out of Acter, Alderney that will play a central role in The Lost and Damned. As of the events of Grand Theft Auto IV it is led by Johnny Klebitz (who is the protagonist in The Lost and Damned) who took over for Billy Grey when he was incarcerated on Drug charges. Members include Jim Fitzgerald, Brian Jeremy, Clay, Terry Thorpe, and Jason Michaels as well as old ladies Leila Sharpe and Ashley Butler. Michaels is killed during the course of GTA IV by Niko Bellic when he dates the daughter of Russian Mob Boss Mikhail Faustin. The gang also appears when Niko works with Johnny on the missions Blow Your Cover and Museum Piece in GTA IV. They may be based on the Pagans MC and the Hells Angels based The Angels of Death are their rivals.

Usually, you will see members of the gang on the streets of Acter driving their zombies, carrying guns. The Angels of Death are their rivals.

They also have a hangout spot where most of the gang are found. It is on Berners Road in Acter as you approach it you will see a door which has the lost avatar on it and there's 1 on each side of the door,as well. It is not accessible but chances it will be when you play as Johnny Klebitz in the new expansion.