The Master and the Molotov/Script

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Niko: Dimitri

Dimitri: Hey. Sit down.

Niko: What's the problem?

Dimitri: What do you think?

Niko: Mikhail. Mr. Faustin.

Dimitri: Uh huh. You're given a choice, kill your best friend, or die... what do you do?

Niko: And there is no way out?

Dimitri: Not now. Not after you killed Petrovic's son.

Niko: You don't have any family. You could run.

Dimitri: Wherever you go, people will find you, if they want to badly enough. And for this they want blood.

Niko: But you and Mikhail, you have so much history.

Dimitri: Sure.

Niko: Well I killed the boy, so they want me too.

Dimitri: No. I told them you were a hired gun. And they said as long as you were the one to kill him, you'd be spared.

Niko: So that's the way it is?

Dimitri: Yes, that's the way it is. He'll be leaving his house in a little while and heading for the club. Do what you have to do. You know, if there is one thing I have learned, it's that we must obey the rules of the game. We can pick the game, Niko Bellic, but we cannot change the rules. See you later.

(Upon arriving at Perestroika, Niko gets a text message from Dimitri)

Niko - there can be no mistakes with this. Mikhail is a dangerous man. I have left some protection for you around the side of the club. Your friend, Dimitri.

(Niko confronts Mikhail inside the club)

Mikhail: Niko. Niko Bellic. You and Dimitri are taking over, no?

Niko: This is not about taking over. You brought this on yourself. You pushed things too far.

Mikhail: You would be dead if it wasn't for me. That is what Dimitri wanted when you killed Vlad. Dimitri, my brother. You see this? This tattoo says we are brothers for life, and now he betrays me...

Niko: You didn't give him a choice. You should have been calm.

Mikhail: No one, not Dimitri, not anyone tells me to calm. You think Dimitri would have survived prison without me? He'd just be some prison queen, had I not been there. Meat for some gym monkey! I am not dead yet. Some are still loyal to me. Guards!


(Faustin taunts Niko whilst he is fighting his guards)

Mikhail: You fight like a worm, like spineless worm, Bellic. You are nothing, Bellic, you are weak. Give up. The strong survive and the weak die. You will see. I got where I am for a reason. I won't have some Balkan shit take this away from me. I made you what you are, Niko. I showed mercy to you and your cousin when Dimitri wanted you dead. The time for mercy is over. I must rule with a fist of iron.

Niko: You pissed off too many people, Mr. Faustin.


Niko: You're mine, Faustin.

Niko: It's closing time! Get your coat!

(Faustin runs away)

Mikhail: Guards!


Mikhail: People, help me.

Mikhail: Come on, guards.

Mikhail: Men, I need you.

Mikhail: Do not abandon your leader. Stop this man.

Niko: This is your last party, man.


Niko: It's over, Faustin.

Niko: It was never going to last, Faustin. You took things too far.

(Niko chases Faustin to the roof)

Mikhail: Dimitri turned on me, not other way around. America made him greedy. Dimitri will turn on you as well, you shall discover this. I am a man of convictions, I have only done what I believed. None of you ill survive in this country without me. This American greed takes everyone. It is like a disease. Only I am still sane.

(Niko corners Faustin on the roof)

Mikhail: Betrayed, betrayed by Dimitri and by you. Too kind, that's what I was, too kind. I let the snakes into the nest and they destroyed everything. I gave them everything and they took everything from me. Now they've sent you to take the only thing I have left. You have me cornered. There is nowhere for me to go.

Niko: You betrayed yourself, Mr. Faustin.

Failing the mission

Faustin escapes

Niko: Dimitri, Mikhail got away from me. He is still alive.

Dimitri: Shit. Does he know that I had anything to do with this? How could you be so stupid? What am I to do?

Post mission phone call

Niko: Faustin is dead.

Dimitri: You did a good thing. A hard thing, but a good thing. Hopefully this will mean peace with Petrovic.