The Peep Hole

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Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov entering The Peep Hole in the mission Do You Have Protection?.

The Peep Hole is a sex shop located in Hove Beach, Broker in Liberty City. The store is used in the mission "Do You Have Protection?", in which the owner, Joseph Kaplan, owes money to Mikhail Faustin.



The shop is owned by Joseph Kaplan. It is the primary location for the mission "Do You Have Protection?". The shop sells adult videos and other merchandise, but has a large back room for viewing the products.


The interior of the shop is very small. Outside, there is only a door to a cramped set of stairs. At the bottom is a small room mostly taken up by a large desk. The desk has a till and a computer, and behind it is where the cashier sits. Opposite the desk is a couple of bookshelves containing adult magazines. The walls are covered in posters.

Beside the desk is a door to the back room. The back room is larger and, for the most part, empty; containing only a table and two couches that sit opposite a small television.