The Pig Pen

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File:The big pen interiors.jpg
The interior of The Pig Pen

The Pig Pen is a strip club located in East Los Santos, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. An advertisement for the club is available in the game's manual, along with the quote "They'll be here to cater to your entertainment needs. Private parties are welcome". The club is accessible, and the player is able to tip any of the strippers, or even receive a private dance from one. Be careful, if you jump near the Stripper, the guards will shoot CJ.

The roof of the club can come in handy in several reasons. That being that there is a Sawn-Off Shotgun on top of the roof. Also, the high ground clearance of the club can come in handy when in turf wars; bearing a remarkable sniping spot and a not-too-shabby view of East Los Santos looking towards the south.

Weapon Spawns

  • Sawn-Off Shotgun- Found on the roof of the club (jumping height is high enough from the inclined sidewalk beside the club)