The Pole Position Club

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The Pole Position Club
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Name: The Pole Position Club
Owner: Tommy Vercetti
Type of Business: Strip Club
Location: Ocean View

The Pole Position Club is a strip club located in Ocean Beach, Vice City that features in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Tommy Vercetti is first introduced to club when escorting Mercedes Cortez during the first mission. Tommy Vercetti later purchases the club for $30,000. The club becomes an asset, earning $4,000 a day, after Tommy spends five minutes (or $300) in a back room of the club.

Once the asset is obtained, another backroom of the club is opened. Upon entering this room, a cutscene is activated showing a more "realistic" dancing stripper dancing for Tommy. Before this room was unlocked, the sign on the door read "Managers office". This is also one of the locations of the 2 "unknown twins" whom which one is the bartender at the Malibu (after purchased) and one dances in the pole position (after purchased). The only other time these models appear is in the concept art.


  • The name is a reference to the retro racing game with the same name.