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Drive to the Downtown Ammu-Nation and get in the Shooting Range to meet Phil Cassidy. He will agree to be Tommy's plans only if Tommy can beat him in a shooting contest. The contest has three rounds, one at the shooting range, another in the shootout room, and the last one in the shooting corner. The player must score over sixty points to win this challenge.

In the first round, there are three types of targets; the closest is worth one point, the middle one is worth two points, and the farthest is worth three points. The player should aim to score over 30 points in this round, as scores are generally smaller in the latter two rounds. In the second round, there are only two types of targets, both worth one point; the targets resemble the concept art for Catalina and Miguel from Grand Theft Auto III. The third and final round is similar to round two, however there are fewer targets here.

If the player managed to get more than sixty points between the three rounds, then Phil will agree to be Tommy's gunman for the big bank job.


In the second round, the target on the lower left will keep coming out every time you shoot it. A player can easily run up 50 points in this round alone by focusing solely on this target.