The Thieves

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The Thieves
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Marty Chonks
Start location: Trenton
Reward: $3,000

The Thieves is the second mission from Marty Chonks in Grand Theft Auto III.

Marty had hired two thieves to break into his apartment so that he could claim the insurance, however they are now demanding a bigger cut. Marty tells Claude to pick them up from the Red Light District and bring them to the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory, where he plans to kill him.

Claude drives to Chinatown, picks them up and takes them back to the factory. Marty kills the two of them, and then turns them into dog food. Marty tells Claude to take the car to the Pay'n'Spray in the Red Light District to get rid of any evidence and then take the car back to the factory.


Marty Chonks: I hired some thieves to break into my apartment... and steal some stuff so that I could claim on the insurance as you do. The thieving bastards are threatening to tell the insurance company, if I don't give them a cut, can you believe it? I've left a car inside the factory gates. Use it to go and pick them up from their turf in the Red Light District. Then being 'em back here to the factory so I can make 'em see Marty's point of view.

Claude picks the thieves up, and takes them back to the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory, which they enter.

Thief: Easy there partner.

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