The Truth

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The Truth is a hippie who lives southeast of San Fierro on a marijuana farm. He appears only in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Due to his knowledge of governments conspiracies, he does not get along well with Mike Toreno and becomes suspicious after Carl Johnson does some missions for Mr. Toreno. One of the missions involve burning his illegal drug harvest and fleeing to San Fierro in his "mother ship" before the police arrive to arrest them both. If Grand Theft Auto IV is multigenerational, there will be a good chance to spot him in a hippie commune near San Fierro when the game progresses into the late 1960s while playing as the child or grandchild of the player's original customized character. The Truth lives near another farm which a cult for right-wing survivalists. The object in one of the earlier missions is to steal their tractor so that the aging hippie can grow more weed.

The survivalists' weapons are strong so feel free to plough right through in a truck or car, get out of the vehicle long enough to grab their tractor, then ride the tractor back to Truth's farm. Success earns money as well as respect.