The Wife

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The Wife
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Marty Chonks
Start location: Trenton
Reward: $2,000

The Wife is the third mission of Marty Chonks in Grand Theft Auto III.

Marty Chonks continues in his money problems, and tells Claude that his wife has an insurance policy that he wants to claim. This would also stop his wife from spending vast amounts of money that he doesn't have.

Claude drives over to Classic Nails in the Red Light District, where he picks up Mrs. Chonks. He drives her back to the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory, where she is killed by Marty and turned into dog food. Marty tells Claude to dump the car into the water surrounding Portland, in order to get rid of any evidence, which Claude does.


Marty Chonks: The business is going to under unless I get hold of some serious cash soon. My wife has an insurance policy and all she's ever been to me is a hole in my pocket. I've left a car in the usual place. Go and pick up my wife from Classic Nails and bring her back to the factory.

Claude drives to Classic Nails to pick up Mrs. Chonks.

Mrs. Chonks: Marty wants to see me? Well it better be quick because I have to get my hair done.

Claude drives Mrs. Chonks to the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory, which she enters.

Mrs. Chonks: Hey... stop.

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