The Zaibatsu Corporation

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The Zaibatsu Corporation
File:G zaibatsu car.jpg
The Zaubatsu Corporation's Z-Type gang car in Grand Theft Auto 2.
Type: Organized Crime.
Vehicles: Z-Type
Members: Trey Walsh (co-leader), Red Valdez (co-leader),

and Uno Carb (co-leader).

The Zaibatsu Corporation are a organized crime syndicate in the game Grand Theft Auto 2. They appear the most in the game, as they are seen in all three areas. They wind up fighting with all the gangs in GTA 2, which include the Yakuza, the Rednecks, the Scientists, the Loonies, the Hare Krishna, and the Russian Mafia. They seem to be the most powerful unit of crime in Grand Theft Auto 2. All three heads of the Zaibatsu corporation refer to Claude as "Gecko".

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