The Zaibatsu Corporation

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The Zaibatsu Corporation
The Zaibatsu Corporation logo
Games: GTA 2
Locations: Downtown, Industrial and Resident Districts of Anywhere City
Leaders: Trey Welsh, Red Valdez and Uno Carb
Type: Organised Crime
Enemies: Rednecks, Yakuza, Scientists, Russian Mafia, Hare Krishna, Loonies and Yutes
Affiliations: Claude Speed
Colors: Black and Gold
Vehicles: Z-Type
Businesses: Pharmaceuticals
Fronts: Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals
Members: Trey Welsh, Red Valdez, Uno Carb, Flambo Cortez and Sacchmo
File:Z Type gang.jpg
Z-Type gang car

The Zaibatsu Corporation are an organized crime syndicate in the game Grand Theft Auto 2. They appear most frequently throughout the entire game, as their presence can be seen and felt in all three districts of Anywhere City. They became embroiled into a violent struggle over control of business interests and gang territories (turf) with all other gangs in Anywhere City during the period of which Grand Theft Auto 2 is set in.

The following gangs that contests the control by Zaibatsu Corporation are: Yakuza, the Rednecks, the Scientists, the Loonies, the Hare Krishna, and, finally, the Russian Mafia. They were presumed to be a most powerful criminal organization of all in Anywhere City during the time of Grand Theft Auto 2. The top-ranking leaders of Zaibatsu Corporation frequently refer to Claude Speed by the nickname they gave him, "Gecko". In the film/movie rendition of Grand Theft Auto 2, Claude is shot dead (presumably) by Zaibatsu assassins sent to avenge for his theft of Zaibatsu merchandises.

When listening to radio being played out in GTA III, one may hear Zaibatsu in commercials promoting alertness pills named Equanox.