Three Leaf Clover

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File:Bank job.jpg
NOOSE and FIB agents arriving outside the Bank of Liberty.

This is the third mission performed for Packie. Before arriving at his mothers house, Packie will have texted you about wearing a smart suit and shoes. When you arrive at his house, you will meet Derrick McReary and Gerald McReary. Gerald does not take lightly to Niko being involved in the family business and Derrick has returned. After the cutscene, Packie tells you to get a four-door vehicle.


Niko drives the group to the Bank of Liberty which is located in Chinatown, Algonquin.

Michael, Niko, Derrick, and Packie threaten all the customers and workers down onto the ground. Michael arms the vault door with explosives. Eugene Reaper, a customer at the bank, suggests to Luis Fernando Lopez, another customer, that he attempt to take down Niko and the others with his pistol. Reaper shoots and kills Michael, which follows with him being shot at and killed by Derrick and Packie.

Niko heads down into the vault and grabs some of the money. NOOSE and FIB police officers arrive at the scene with helicopters and cars, prompting Packie to decide that they need to leave now with the money they have already collected.

Niko, Derrick, and Packie take cover inside the building and begin to gun their way out of a five-star wanted rating. Due to the heavy presence of highly armed officers and vehicles, escaping at this point is extremely difficult, so Packie leads Niko and Derrick thorough different alleyways and sidestreets, clearing the way as much as possible before reaching a subway station.

Inside the subway station, Niko, Derrick, and Packie continue to face police resistance until reaching the tracks, which they run onto without being followed. Upon reemerging from another subway station, the wanted rating has dropped to only three stars. Niko, Derrick, and Packie escape from the new

Following successful completion of this mission, Gerry McReary will call Niko and ask to see him.

The terrorist threat separating both sides of the West River is lifted subsequent to completion of this mission, consequently Niko is able to travel to Alderney legally, via the Booth Tunnel and Hickey Bridge. This will also unlock the 'Full Exploration' achievement on the Xbox 360 version or 'Full Exploration' trophy on the Playstation 3 version of GTA IV, as the whole metropolitan area is now open to Niko.

Shortly after this mission Packie will call Niko and be added as a friend.


The outfit you wear during this mission (suits with balaclavas), the weapons you use (M4s), the large black bags of money slung over your back and the general set-up of the mission may be a homage to the 1995 film Heat, in which Robert De Niro and his henchmen rob a bank in similar fashion, including a subsequent running shootout in the surrounding city streets.