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TimeSync is (sort of) a modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that can be used to change the time's clock. The tool's effect is that 1 minute in the game (which lasts 1 second) now equals one real time minute. The tool works by simply leaving the tool running with the "Run TimeSync" box checked and then running the game. The mod works by disabling the game's regular clock updates. Since the game's time is change back to default once the tool is exited, the mod does not necessarily modify the game. This allows the game to be compatible with multiplayer clients. The original tool had 2 bugs that ruined the whole tool. One was that the weather would change almost every second, while the second was that the timezone might simply go back to 00:00. These problems were fixed in version 1.81. This version also allows the player to have total weather control. If the player selects one type of weather and checks the "Total Weather Control" box, then the weather will be sunny all the time if the player has selected the sunny feature. If the player decides to not run the tool, the game will run normally like it should with its regular clock.

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