To Live and Die in Alderney

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To Live And Die In Alderney is a mission given by Phil Bell. In this mission you have to transport a large amount of Cocaine to a hideout, while avoiding cops on your tail.

Mission Guide

When you meet Phil at the depot he's all paranoid, after you left the cocaine with his nephew Frankie (in the mission Truck Hustle). He asks Niko to help him transport it to a hideout. Get a vehicle and drive to the abandoned mansion up in Westdyke,Alderney. It might be best to call Dwayne for backup before you get to the mansion, as this will make the mission alot easier when being chased by the cops. Frankie then puts the "stuff" into two bags in two black Washingtons, but before they can set off, an array of F.I.B officers arrive! It looks like the feds have been crawling all over the place! Quickly, set off and stay behind Phil as he drives. Be careful of cops that attempt to block your way. During the drive, Frankie explains why the feds were there. He had been all the time helping his sister through college and looking after his sick mother! Niko then tells him to shut up, and keep the cops away from Phil. Halfway through the chase, Phil decides to ditch the cars in an alleyway. When you stop, grab the cocaine and pull out your machine gun and eliminate any cops in your way. You can't move if too much cops are in your way. Phil then decides to use a van to ditch the cops. When you get into Phil's Speedo, a good option to lose the feds is to head to a Pay'n'Spray, that way you'll lose the cops. After that, take Frankie and Phil to the hideout.