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|A blue convertible driving fast down a street.
|A blue convertible driving fast down a street.
|[[NOOSE]] surrounding the [[Bank of Liberty]] in "[[Three Leaf Clover]]"

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On November 2 2011 Rockstar Games released the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.


Trailer Analysis

Time Analysis
0:00-0:06 Rating
0:05-0:06 The Broker Bridge looking towards Algonquin from the northeast side of the bridge
0:06-0:08 A Beach, possibly Santa Maria Beach with a lifeguard shack and a Dog present.
0:09-0:11 Two male joggers running down a jetty.
0:11-0:16 A view of Los Santos.
0:17-0:19 A golf player on a golf course with a Caddy present.
0:20 A man on a Speedophile 2000 Jetski
0:19-0:22 Three hikers with a view of the surrounding countryside.
0:23-0:27 A red convertible waits for woman crossing the street.
0:28-0:29 Several Wind Power generators.
0:30-0:31 A male and a female preforming aerobics on the balcony of a luxury home.
0:32 Several cars driving along the Los Puerta Freeway
0:33-0:34 A sunset view of a Gym by a beach, possibly the Gym on the Santa Maria Beach.
0:35-0:37 A view of a street.
0:38 Possibly the top of a construction site. With a Crane visible.
0:39-0:42 A man overlooking the city.
0:42-0:46 A Cropduster spraying a field.
0:46-0:49 Three men dressed as exterminators and wielding silenced AK47s storming a building.
0:49-0:50 A blue convertible driving fast down a street.
0:51-0:54 Various street scenes in the city.
0:54-0:55 A man hammering a "For Sale" sign in front of a house.
0:55-0:56 Possible hookers talking to someone in a car.
0:57 Another scene with a fast moving convertible.
0:58-1:00 A Tramp holding up a cardboard sign ("Need Money for Beer, Pot and Hookers. (At least I'm not bullshitting U)" and an alley filled with more tramps and tents.
1:01 A Jet flying between the city's buildings.
1:02 A bouncer throwing someone out of a club.
1:03-1:04 A Brute oil rig.
1:05 A Police Car chasing a red convertible.
1:06-1:08 Three police officers and a Police Maverick in pursuit of a fleeing man.
1:08 A burning police car with an Ambulance visible.
1:09-1:10 The Vinewood sign with a Lear jet (possibly a Shamal) flying over it.
1:11-1:24 The Lear jet flies towards the city with a Blimp visible in the background. The GTA V logo appears.