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First Trailer

On November 2nd, 2011 Rockstar Games released the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. The song used in the trailer is Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake by Small Faces. The man who's talking about his life in trailer is Michael.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

First Trailer Analysis

Time Analysis
0:00-0:06 Rating
0:06-0:08 A Beach, possibly Santa Maria Beach with a lifeguard shack and a couple and a dog are present. The trio are walking along.
0:09-0:11 Two male joggers running down a jetty. 2 females look back at the pair.
0:11-0:16 A view of Los Santos. The screen reads "Rockstar Games Presents".
0:17-0:19 A golf player on a golf course with a Caddy present.
0:20 A man on a Speedophile 2000 Jetski
0:19-0:22 Three hikers with a view of the surrounding countryside.
0:23-0:27 A red convertible waits for woman crossing the street. There is an eCola ad behind the car, the same parody of Coca-Cola seen in GTA IV. Franklin, the protagonist driving the car, makes other appearances in the trailer. The convertible is in the process of putting down its roof.
0:28-0:29 Several Wind Power generators.
0:30-0:31 A male and a female preforming aerobics on the balcony of a luxury home, possibly a parody of Malibu.
0:32 Several cars driving along the Los Puerta Freeway. The other signs read "Downtown" and "Little Seoul" (Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and the name is likely a play on the real-life Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles).
0:33-0:34 A sunset view of a Gym by a beach, resembling the real-life "Muscle Beach" on Venice Beach. Two signs read "Pump Buddy" and "Muscle Sands".
0:35-0:37 A view of a street.
0:38 Possibly the top of a construction site, with a sign reading "The Mile High Club". It is adjacent to the skyscraper resembling the US Bank Tower. A red Crane is visible.
0:39-0:42 Michael overlooking the city. He appears elsewhere in the trailer, in different clothes.
0:42-0:46 A Cropduster spraying a field.
0:46-0:49 Three men dressed as exterminators and wielding silenced AK-47s storming a building. Michael that knocks on the van, with two accomplices other than Trevor and Franklin. Their robbery target looks like the shopping plaza on Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard in real life.
0:49-0:50 Michael driving blue convertible fast down a street.
0:51-0:54 Various street scenes in the city.
0:54-0:55 A man hammering a "For Sale" sign in front of a house.
0:55-0:56 Possible hookers talking to someone in a car. The car resembles an early 80s Camaro or Trans-Am.
0:57 Another scene with Michael in a fast moving black convertible. It resembles an Audi R8.
0:58-1:00 A Tramp holding up a cardboard sign ("Need Money for Beer, Pot and Hookers. (At least I'm not bullshitting U)" and an alley filled with more tramps and tents.
1:01 A Jet flying between the city's buildings.
1:02 A bouncer throwing someone out of a club. The awning reads "Tequi-La-La". If you look closely, you can see Michael and Franklin walking towards the awning and the bouncer.
1:03-1:04 A Brute oil rig.
1:05 A Police Car chasing Franklin in a red convertible.
1:06-1:08 Another fugitive on foot, running away from three police officers and a Police Maverick.
1:08 A burning police car with an Ambulance visible.
1:09-1:10 The Vinewood sign with a Lear jet (possibly a Shamal) flying over it.
1:11-1:24 The Lear jet flies towards the city with a Blimp visible in the background. The skyline includes the Mile High Club under construction, next to the US Bank Tower parody. The GTA V logo appears.


The transcript of the trailer goes from 0:02-0:45.

Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather.
Or the... Ah I don't know, that thing. That magic.
You see it in the movies.
I wanted to retire. From what I was doing, you know?
From that, that... line of work. Be a good guy for once, a family man.
So, I bought a big house. Came here, put my feet up, and thought I be a dad like all the other dads.
My kids, would be like the kids on TV.
We could play ball and sit in the sun.
But well, you know how it is.


Second Trailer

On November 14 2012 Rockstar Games released the second official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. The song used in the trailer is Skeletons by Stevie Wonder.

GTA V - Trailer 2 HD

Second Trailer Analysis

Time Analysis
0:00-0:04 Rating.
0:04-0:06 Overlooking Los Santos next to a building resembling the Griffith Observatory.
0:06-0:09 Scenes of Michael's house, with a black 9F in the driveway.
0:09-0:10 Michael's wife, Amanda, yelling at daughter Tracy inside their home.
0:11-0:15 Michael walking alongside his swimming pool, smoking. He picks up a leaf and tosses it aside.
0:15-0:19 Michael sits in a lounge chair and sips a drink.
0:19-0:23 A scene of the city, a train moves under a bridge, the GTA V logo appears.
0:24-0:25 A busy highway intersection in Blaine County.
0:25-0:27 Old cars outside a pub in Blaine County, a guy walking and two other drunk guys fighting.
0:27-0:29 Trevor Phillips confronting a man outside a trailer home in a flooded area.
0:29 Trevor inside the pub, forcing a man's head into the bar counter.
0:30 Trevor yelling at the camera.
0:30-0:31 Trevor driving a dune buggy across the desert.
0:32-0:35 Trevor throws a Molotov cocktail into a house, fire spreads quickly, and it explodes.
0:35-0:37 Trevor negotiating a contract signing outside an auto body garage.
0:37-0:38 Cars driving on a large bridge.
0:38-0:40 A train and a bus travelling parallel through the city.
0:40-0:45 Franklin with his friend Lamar, who is asking Michael the location of a beach house.
0:45-0:48 Franklin taking a white 9F out of a driveway then weaving through traffic.
0:48-0:50 Franklin's apparent ex-girlfriend, refusing to rekindle their relationship.
0:50-0:52 A police cruiser chasing a car carrier, being forced to avoid a car falling off the truck.
0:53-0:55 Franklin arguing with Lamar.
0:56-0:57 A blue sports car speeding under a minivan that flies up into the sky, and a few other cars passing.
0:58-1:01 Michael talking to a psychiatrist.
1:01-1:05 Franklin on a boat being pulled on a highway trying to get Michael's son, Jimmy, who hangs from the mast. Michael races through traffic, and Jimmy falls into his convertible.
1:05-1:10 Jimmy and Michael saying they're "bouncing".
1:10-1:12 Trevor stomping a mudhole in someone.
1:13-1:14 Trevor flying a Cuban 800 around Mount Chiliad.
1:14-1:15 A bank safe exploding.
1:16-1:17 Gunmen shooting at Franklin's dog, Chop.
1:17-1:18 A man rolling over the hood of a car in an alley at night.
1:18-1:19 Chop jumping over the hood of the same car in a parking lot in the daytime.
1:19-1:20 Michael rappelling down the FIB building during the mission "The Extraction" which is laid out in the December 2012 Game Informer.
1:20 Michael in a Bugstars uniform, breaking a glass case with a gun.
1:20-1:22 Franklin speeding away from exploding cars on Los Puerta Freeway.
1:22-1:25 A Jeep-like vehicle being ejected from a flying plane, then Trevor jumping out of the vehicle.
1:25-1:27 A Sanchez race on a dirt road, several competitors wipe out.
1:27-1:29 Trevor on top of a train, then jumps off as it collides with another oncoming train.
1:30-1:37 Michael introducing Trevor and Franklin to each other.
1:37-1:39 A fighter jet, likely piloted by Trevor, firing at a Police Maverick, causing it to explode.
1:40-1:42 The three protagonists stand together at the previously mentioned auto body garage, Trevor with his hands on his face, Franklin coughing, and Michael with his hands behind his head.
1:42-1:47 The Grand Theft Auto V logo, and a suggestion to pre-order, along with the release announcement of "Spring 2013" (which was later changed to 17 September 2013).
1:47-1:51 The Rockstar Games logo.


The transcript of the second trailer.

Time Character Quote
0:08-0:10 Amanda He is not staying the night! He's a bum!
0:10 Tracy Oh my God!
0:11-0:14 Michael You know, I've been in this game a lot of years, and I got out alive.
0:17-0:19 Michael If you want my advice, give this shit up.
0:25-0:30 Trevor The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Phillips Enterprises, or they ain't goin'!
0:34-0:37 Trevor I'll swing by and sign the contracts, alright? Just ignore the bodies.
0:40-0:42 Lamar Can you tell me where Berto Beach House is?
0:42-0:44 Michael It's that house right there. With the yellow stairs.
0:47-0:50 Franklin's ex I don't care how many cars you own, you ain't changin'.
0:51-0:53 Lamar I'm gettin' my money in the hood. I'm cool.
0:53-0:56 Franklin Cool what? Slingin' dope and throwin' up gang signs?
0:58-1:01 Psychiatrist Your son, James. He's a good kid?
1:01-1:02 Jimmy (Panicking) Oh my God!
1:05-1:06 Jimmy Hey, let's bounce.
1:07-1:10 Michael Bounce. We're bouncin' now.
1:10-1:13 Trevor (Grunting with each leg thrust)
1:29-1:33 Michael That's Trevor, my best friend. That's Franklin, the son I always wanted.
1:33-1:34 Franklin Yeah, whatever.
1:35-1:37 Trevor Jesus, your therapist has a lot to answer for.

Protagonist Trailer Set

On 30 April 2013 Rockstar Games released a trio of official trailers for Grand Theft Auto V, both separately and as one longer video including the three.


The song in Michael's trailer is "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen.

Grand Theft Auto V - Michael


The song in Franklin's trailer is "Hood Gone Love It" by Jay Rock featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Grand Theft Auto V - Franklin


The song in Michael's trailer is "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" by Waylon Jennings.

Grand Theft Auto V - Trevor