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[[Image:Gta_4_trailer_trashmaster.jpg|thumb|260px|Trashmaster from [[GTA IV

The Trashmaster is Grand Theft Auto's version of the garbage truck. As with most other utility/industrial vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto series, the Trashmaster has no functional purpose, with the exception of GTA: Liberty City Stories; it has a side mission entitled Trash Dash, where you run around the city picking up garbage in a Taxi mission style way. Throughout the games, its appearance has remained mostly the same, with the exception of the front cab, which switches around from flat to standard in-between the games. It can be found driving in the industrial sections of each city. It is one of the slowest vehicles in the series, and in GTA III, it has the lowest point value when destroyed, 10. The Trashmaster in GTA IV only spawns in the early hours of the morning. The GTA IV rendition is the most realistic yet, with workers hanging on the back and collecting trash. In Grand Theft Auto IV the Trashmaster most colsely resembles a DSNY (Department of Sanitation New York) CCC Refuse Colection Truck.